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Date: October 22-26, 2019

Venue: Guzhen deng du guzhen conference and exhibition center, zhongshan city, guangdong province

Introduce: town of Guzhen town is famous at home and abroad "the capital that Chinese lamp ACTS the role of", total area of whole town 47.8 square kilometers, be located in northwest of zhongshan city of guangdong province, it is Zhongshan, Jiang men, Foshan city (Shunde area) the confluence of 3 cities, abut Hong Kong and Macao.The economic structure and industrial structure of ancient towns are very prominent, and the self-employed and private economy is very active, accounting for more than 95% of the total economy.Among them, the lighting industry is the leading industry and the economic pillar of the Guzhen town.Twice a year, the China Guzhen international lighting fair attracts more than 300,000 professional lighting buyers and visitors from more than 120 countries and regions.The fourth light culture festival was successfully held in 2018.

38,000 lighting and accessories businesses

The town has 38,000 lighting and accessories industrial and commercial enterprises, including 7,739 lighting businesses.There are 3 well-known trademarks in China and 10 famous trademarks in Guangdong province.Guzhen town has become the pilot of national market procurement trade mode, and a new regional international trade trading platform relying on lighting cluster and interconnected with various trade modes has been established.

The lighting capital of China -- Guzhen town

On November 8, 2002, at the second "China Guzhen international lighting exposition", China federation of light industry officially awarded Guzhen the plaque of "China lighting capital".In October 2016, it was selected into the first batch of towns with Chinese characteristics.Guzhen lighting decoration market share of 70%, products exported to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, southeast Asia, Japan, the United States and Europe and other 130 countries and regions.

The largest professional lighting production base in China

Development from 1982 to now, after nearly 30 years of cultivation and development, has formed in the ancient town as the center, covering three cities around 11 townships, annual output value over one hundred billion yuan in the lighting industry cluster, become a worldwide major lighting one of the professional market, is the nation's largest lighting professional production base and wholesale market, decorative lighting products cover lights on the middle and lower reaches of the whole industrial chain.

Ultra high cost performance, one-stop procurement services

As the largest professional lighting production base in China, it has abundant products, covering the whole lighting industry chain, including finished lamps, raw materials, mechanical equipment and accessories, etc., and it can visit factories and visit the production process at any time and anywhere, providing buyers with ultra-high cost-effective procurement services.

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